Last year, World Duty Free visited Malawi to see some of the projects that they have funded through the sale of One Water. The team were deeply moved by the trip and the challenges that they witnessed villagers facing on a daily basis. On their return the team committed to fundraise and raised a further £15,000!

With this donation we have been able to implement school feeding programmes at Nasundu School, Chimwabvi School and Tyamike Orphange, where over 800 children now recieve a daily cup of Lakuni Phala (maize porridge).


Temporary rocket stoves are being used at the moment, while the construction of kitchens for both schools gets underway, but excitingly the kitchens will be ready in time for their next visit to Malawi in May.



The communities are so excited about the programme that many have been involved in collecting sand and in the preparation of the bricks.

Access to Nasundu School is difficult at the best of times. Children have to cross a river to get to the school. But even with heavy rains, rivers, and difficult terrain, it doesn’t dampen their spirit and the children are eager to help transport the bricks to the new site!



Providing a daily meal to chronically hungry children whilst they are at school means more children are attracted to the classroom, where they gain a better future for themselves and their community. After just two weeks of feeding the children at Chimwabvi, school attendence figures had already risen from 405 children to 450. I’m really looking forward to meeting the children and to the official opening of these kitchens on my visit in May.  Great work World Duty Free!