One was founded with the express purpose of creating positive change in the world by funding the provision of safe, clean drinking water to the millions of people who still live without it.

For almost 12 years now, we’ve been selling bottled water and great tasting soft drinks, and using the profit to fund life-changing water projects in some of the world’s poorest communities.

We are always seeking new ways to do this faster, but we have never considered a move into the world of alcoholic drinks… until now… Our hunt for growth sectors in the drinks market has led us into the exciting world of British gin!

A whopping 40 million bottles were sold last year – enough to make over 1 billion gin & tonics – so we figured we could raise even more funds in this market.

One Gin martini

One of our biggest and longest standing customers is World Duty Free, which has been selling bottles of One Water for over 10 years, raising a staggering £1.7m for water projects along the way. As major players in this sector of the drinks market, naturally we went to speak to them first and we’re hugely excited that they agreed to support the project and become our launch retailer for One Gin.

So last Summer, we started work – to create a very special gin. Not only would it be a gin for the world, funding water projects in the world’s poorest communities, but it would also be a gin inspired by the world

Sarah Thompson, multi-award-winning Master Distiller at Blackdown Distillery in Sussex and a true artisan, distils One Gin using 9 botanicals from around the world, plus one quintessentially British botanical – Sage – which is foraged from the grounds of the distillery. One Gin is hand-crafted in small batches, in an alembic copper still and then seven-times filtered for an exceptionally smooth finish.


One Gin is perfect in a G&T with a slice of crisp apple and a sage leaf to garnish, but we’ve also designed a range of cocktails that we’ll be sharing over the coming months. In the meantime, we’re excited to announce that One Gin will be on sale in 1 litre bottles in selected World Duty Free stores across the UK from next week.

So for all you gin fans out there, look out for it if you’re flying any time soon – and we’ll keep you posted for our plans for a wider roll out.


Ps. for trade enquiries, please email