I was lucky enough to attend Global Week at the British Airways training centre recently to teach primary and secondary school students about culture and life in Kenya. Representing One Water, we spoke to the groups about water poverty and the impact this has on people’s lives.

Each session began with a game that African children play called ‘Lakka do’, which got the kids up and dancing in a circle in a call and response style game – it was very popular! This was followed by a quiz on water usage (did you know that the average British person uses 135 litres a day?). It was really interesting to see the kids’ reactions when they heard that some people in Africa live on only 5 litres a day and they use 1 litre just to brush their teeth – I think we converted a few to turn off the tap while brushing! 

We also discussed the reality of water poverty and what that meant for the children in Kenya; walking up to 4 hours each day to get water and not being able to go to school to get an education and therefore a job. We then challenged the students to a relay race whilst carrying 5L jerry cans on their heads. They all had a lot of fun with this, but some did find it quite challenging. They were in awe when we told them that women and children, some the same age as them, carry up to 25 litres on their heads! They all agreed they would not be able to do that.   

We ended the session by asking the students to create posters for One Water to spread the message of what we are trying to achieve and they came up with some great designs and messages – I think there are a few marketing gurus in the making! 


It was great to work with British Airways on delivering such important messages to the school groups. I was inspired and encouraged by how much they had absorbed from the presentations and challenges and I hope they left with a renewed appreciation for water and how lucky we are in this country.