I’m back!

It’s been exactly nineteen weeks since I started my three-week marketing internship at One. Where has the time gone?!

Shortly after, I was offered a role back at One as a Field Sales Executive. Sales wasn’t something that I had much experience in, so of course I was a little apprehensive. However, I was so happy that One considered me for this job. Even though I had little experience, I couldn’t wait to be a permanent member of this team and get started. That’s the effect this place has on me!

Today is the start of my eighth week and I can easily say that sales is less daunting than I thought it would be. I have already learnt so much and I feel really settled.

My role includes heading in and around London looking for new places to list our life-changing products. As well as this, I attend events at universities and airports to spread the word about the amazing things we do. I find it very rewarding that I’m making a contribution to help give people clean and safe drinking water. This makes coming into work that little bit easier!

We challenged members of the University of Winchester rugby team to lift our twenty-five litre jerry cans!

Something else I have really enjoyed since I’ve been back was my trip to the One Spring with a team from World Duty Free. Not only was it a lovely and relaxing visit, I found it very interesting seeing how our products are bottled. I left with even more knowledge!

I’m continuing to learn each and every day here and I’m looking forward to the future and what more I have to give to this fantastic brand!