Thomas Cook air hostess Kathy Woolley walked 100km for The One Foundation recently, raising an incredible £1,300 to help provide access to clean water in Sub-Saharan Africa. Here’s our fundraising hero’s write up about the experience:

“Well I did it! Not quite in the 24hrs I had planned but still a very respectable 26hrs and 5mins. So I hear you ask how was it? It was hard work, hot and the most amazing experience I have ever had!

I started at 8am on Saturday, August 27 and the first challenge was to get over the seven sisters. Those of you who know the south coast know it’s a stunning place to be and on a sunny Saturday morning it did not disappoint. The views were spectacular, but it was also a tough start to the 100km.

It was also very warm but on the coast we had a pleasant sea breeze to help us stay a little cooler. Once we headed inland it got warmer still so hydration became very important. I was drinking approximately two litres of water for every 10km which proves to me why these villages in Africa need a water pump to save them walking for their water.

The rest-stops were so well organised with loads of water and snacks available including energy bars. I really couldn’t ask for more. There was also plenty of medical assistance to help with blisters and anyone not feeling well. I took use of their help with a blister that popped just before the 80km mark on my little toe (which the nail has now fallen off).

Throughout the night I teamed up with Barry, Steve and Darren (in the picture below) as we weren’t allowed to walk alone. We helped each other through the tough times and without them I doubt I’d have finished.


The best sight was the 99km marker and also the glass of champagne waiting at the finish line!
I’m so proud to have completed the challenge and this was because of the support from so many people and the donations made which has now gone beyond the £1,000 mark. Please if you do have a few spare pounds, visit my justgiving page it will still be there until the end of September.

Thank you for reading and hopefully I’ve inspired you all to go out and do something challenging.”

If you’d like to get involved in our next One Walk or fundraise for The One Foundation, email