Having two daughters that lead busy lives, rushing to dance classes, swimming, Brownies and Guides after school means they often need a snack between meals to keep them going until dinner time.

As most parents, I am conscious of what they eat so finding a filling snack that isn’t loaded with sugar is often quite difficult.  Most perceived ‘healthy’ snacks such as cereal bars are often so sugar laden; they might as well have a chocolate bar and be done with it.

With this sugar concern in mind, I am even stricter about what they are drinking; banning the bottles of children’s juices and squashes, only offering water the majority of the time.  There are also no added sugar juices that are aimed at children, which often contain acesulfame k or aspartame; neither of which seem like reasonable things to give my children either (I would probably prefer them to have the sugar!).

When it was announced at ‘One’ that we would be launching a ‘no added sugar’ range it was important to us all that the sugar wasn’t replaced by these nasties. Our natural juiced waters are made from fruit…and sweetened by fruit. These drinks are welcome in my fridge, and my girls seem pretty enthusiastic about them too!

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