We’re delighted to announce a new and exciting partnership with Solarbox, an initiative to turn London’s unused telephone kiosks into solar powered charging points for phones.


The Distinctive Green Solarbox

The London telephone boxes are iconic, but their usage has been in decline – until, that is, Solarbox came up with an ingenious way to restore them. Solarbox is converting them into solar powered kiosks for the public to charge their phones when they run out of juice.

While users wait for their phones to charge, they’re entertained with short ads screened in the boxes – and the nice people at Solarbox kindly donated some 10 and 20 second ad slots to One. These ads promote the brand and tell the viewer about the £10 million they’ve helped to raise for clean water projects in Africa.

We’re proud to be featured in the first Solarbox and we look forward to more kiosks being installed across London. Keep your eyes peeled for the little green boxes next time you’re in London!