Half a year has flown by since I joined One as their new Digital Marketing Manager. It’s easy to forget some of the extraordinary moments we’ve had so far as we start the next new project or plan for 2016 and beyond. I spent some time reflecting on these moments over the Christmas and New Year break and would like to share some of my highlights so far:

1) 13 million reasons to celebrate

We reached an all-mighty milestone in December. With the help of our customers, ambassadors and supporters, One has now raised over £13 million, helping to change the lives of over 3 million people in some of the world’s poorest communities.


2) Street performers, hidden cameras and Instant Heroes

We launched our Instant Hero campaign at the end of August. It promoted that just by drinking One Water you become an Instant Hero – to us and millions of people around the world. Our hidden-camera video, which captured us celebrating unsuspecting Instant Heroes in London’s Covent Garden, reached over 1.5 million people and was viewed nearly 600,000 times. As a result, the campaign was shortlisted for the Best Marketing Award at last year’s Global Bottled Water Awards!


3) Global Goals for global action

I was inspired to watch the proceedings from the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit at the end of September. 193 world leaders committed to 17 new Global Goals to tackle inequality, poverty and climate change over the next 15 years. Working towards a world where everyone, forever, has access to safe, clean water, we support Goal 6 of the ‪Global Goals (of course!)‬. ‬


4) One for all and all for One

My first day at One was quite surreal, as it involved meeting the team for the first time while sailing down the Thames with a few glasses of “grape juice” or ten – brilliant start. Since then we’ve had many good times, whether it was putting on our hair nets and beard snoods to go on a tour of the The One Water Spring and bottling plant or ice-skating at Strawberry Hill before filling our faces at one of our restaurant stockists, Foxlow, at Christmas. From the Sales team to The One Foundation, finance to marketing, this is a very special group of people – all working together towards a truly inspirational goal.


5) And the rest…

Well I can’t forget to mention being Gok Wan’s Charity of the Month, becoming one of the UK’s founding members of the B Corp movement, launching our new No Added Sugar Juiced Water and One HERO drinks, Olly Murs presenting our Nikki with the British Airways Community Charity of the Year Award, Ric getting a speeding ticket on his birthday, Ben’s first African experience and “that night” in Roadhouse – to name a few. What an amazing first six months at One – and I’m pretty certain we’ve got some very exciting moments to come in 2016. Watch this space.