Whilst the team over in the UK have been hard at work creating the brilliant new products and campaigns which make everything happen, I’ve been busy organizing the life changing expeditions to Africa to see just what a difference The One Foundation has made.

Having just touched down after visiting water projects in Uganda and Malawi, we’ve now got  Angola, Wajir and Turkana in our sights. Insight trips give our customers a chance to see the incredible changes taking place in African communities and whether that’s the construction of a well or a feeding programme, these things can only happen with the support of our brand heroes (that’s you guys) so thanks for your help. Here’s some photos of our recent trips and we’ll keep you duly posted on forthcoming trips too.

Update from the field_1A year ago we were sent this photo of a community who desperately needed help in Kyampisi Village, in Luwero, Uganda. They had no choice but to collect water from this contaminated swap. When I visited, I went to Kyampisi and this swap was like nothing I have ever seen. Cattle graze here, so the water is smelly, dirty and contaminated with faeces. You wouldn’t let your children paddle here, let alone drink the water.

We’re very pleased to report that thanks to our supporters this is no longer the case. Now there’s a pump in place serving the community with clean, fresh water.
Update from the field_2

On trips, you really gain an understanding of the way of life and the daily challenges people face. Nixon on the right is responsible for running our WASH programme in Luwero, by the end of the year 33 new water pumps will be serving hundreds of villages in Luwero and Torroro.  I was talking to Nixon and right up until he was 15 years old the only water source that he and his family had access to was a contaminated river. For 15 years of his life he suffered severe diahorrea and frequent bouts of typhoid.
Update from the field_4Update from the field_5

It was amazing to visit Chimwabvi and Nasundu school in Malawi, where over 800 children are now recieving a daily meal.

Nasundu School is a very rural school and difficult to reach.  The children have to cross a river to get to school, when we visited a couple of weeks ago the water was up to our knees but in rainy season the water reaches over 15ft.  Six people last year died crossing the river including the school principal.

The water levels mean that during rainy season the school has no option but to shut down for 3 months of the year, meaning children are missing out on valuable lesson time. We’re currently talking to Nasundu School about the possibility of building a bridge which will make the world of difference.

Update from the field_6

Many of the children have little in the way of clothes and pocessions, many going without shoes.

Update from the field_7

We always take as much as we can over when we visit, suitcases of clothes and toys….Bubbles, skipping ropes, pens, books, crayons are popular, and footballs always go down a treat!

Update from the field_8


Update from the field_9

Customers get very involved on our insight trips. Here they are pumping water from newly funded water pumps.

Update from the field_10

We even get them to carry water, highlighting just how difficult it is for women and children who have to do this on a daily basis in hot weather, with very little in their tummies, walking in some cases over 2 hours just to collect water. This team had a 5 minute walk and found it a real struggle.

Update from the field_11

Our welcome at Nasundu School.

Update from the field_12

And a goodbye that we will never forget.

Update from the field_13