Stories of Al Capone, American prohibition and the moonshiners of the 1920’s are well recognised and Scotland, like the USA, had a similar period starting in the 1600’s that lasted much longer. Full of exciting tales, Scotland’s illicit whisky makers were known as PeatReekers and their story strays a little beyond the romantic side of Scotch that’s currently showcased, into the darker side of whisky.
After reading up on whisky history, Scottish entrepreneur Calum Leslie decided to build a new brand of Scotch inspired by the defiance, bravery, and cunning of Scotland’s forgotten illicit distillers. PeatReekers launched in November 2017, with an Islay-blended malt called Double Standard as its first release. Double Standard takes its name from the corrupt excisemen who would turn a blind eye to smuggling in return for a few bottles.
Like us, Calum believes that every business operating in today’s society has an obligation to give back and help build towards a better world, so we’re delighted to announce that PeatReekers has decided to make a commitment to The One Foundation to help bring clean, safe water to those who need it. For every dram (25ml) of their Double Standard sold, PeatReekers will donate to The One Foundation.
Whisky is known as the “Water of Life” and Calum wants for PeatReekers to help provide water for life.

“I am incredibly excited to work with The One Foundation and hope that the growth of PeatReekers will significantly contribute to the amount of funding they can raise and ultimately result in providing more people with access to clean drinking water.”

PeatReekers’ commitment to donate to The One Foundation marks a further step towards One’s goal of raising £20 million for sustainable water and sanitation projects by 2020. Thank you, PeatReekers!
For more information, or to buy a bottle, please visit PeatReekeers’ website.