Why fundraise for The One Foundation? 

There are still 703 million people in the world without access to clean, safe water. As a result, 3 million people every year die from waterborne diseases, most of them children under 5 years old.

The One Foundation’s vision is a world in which everyone has access to clean, safe water, forever. We support delivery of sustainable clean water and sanitation services in some of the world’s poorest communities.

We are a small charity doing big things and every penny counts. By taking on a fundraising challenge for The One Foundation, you’re helping us bring clean water to communities in Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and Malawi.

Just £15 is the equivalent of bringing clean, safe water to one person.

Fundraising Ideas

5 Litre Challenge

Could you survive on just 5 litres of water for all your washing, cooking and drinking needs for 24 hours?
That’s the reality facing many people without clean drinking water yet, in the UK, we typically use 150 litres a day!

Live below the Line

1.2 billion people live below the extreme poverty line. Can you commit to spending just £1 a day on all your food and drinks for 5 days (a working week) to shine a light on this issue and raise much needed funding?

H20 Walk for Water

Challenge yourself to walk from a place beginning with H to a place beginning with O – from H2O! It could be from Home to Office, from Hounslow to Oxford, from the Highlands to Orpington. Choose your route and share your story as you walk and fundraise.

100km Walk

Put a team together or go it alone to walk through the night and complete a challenging 100km. Choose from 5 route options that run from May to September at Action Challenge but make sure you contact The One Foundation to register at the discounted rate first.
Fundraising Heroes

Cook Kitchen's H20 Walk

The legends at Cook put together a H20 Walk Team to raise money for The One Foundation by walking 23 miles from their store at Haywards Heath (H) to (2) their store at Oxted (O) – and they raised a staggering £2313.00 for our clean water projects by doing so.

Feeling inspired? Chat to our fundraising team today!