Ever wondered where your bottle of One Water came from?

Last week a group of customers put on their hard hats and overalls and headed off to Powys, to see where One Water is bottled.

From the One Spring… (ok, so your romantic notion of One Water bubbling out of the Welsh countryside isn’t quite the reality, but things need to be a little more clinical these days. The source is still a spring extracted from deep underground.)

From Spring to shelf... Spring_1

to the bottling line…

From Spring to shelf... Spring_2

The team got to see the whole process from start to finish. Bottles are blown, spring water is pumped from deep underground, bottled, packed and sent off for delivery. It is our policy that from the time the water is out of the ground and into a bottle, it takes no longer than 7 minutes. That’s 7 minutes to change a life!

From Spring to shelf... Spring_3

The proud team at the end of their tour.