As more and more businesses use their influence to drive positive change through ethical practice, the B Corporation movement is gaining traction and importance. Not heard of a B Corp? B Corps are companies that use business as a force of good by balancing profit and purpose.

As a founding member of B Corp, we at One Water always try and support our B Corp friends in any way we can. In honour of B Corp month in February, I tried to ‘Live my Day the B Corp Way’ and exclusively use these products. This is how it went.

Breakfast and The B Corp Bag 

7.00am: It was time to kickstart the day with some breakfast and first B Corp of the day: Danone Dairy

I tried out some Light and Free Strawberry flavoured yoghurts, washed down with an Actimel. Danone Dairy is the fifth Danone subsidiary to become a B Corp and is also the UK’s largest.

To accompany my yoghurts, I drank a steaming cup of Brew Tea and tried out their teapot to brew their loose leaf teas. All natural and hand packed in Manchester, these teas are ethically brilliant and delicious.

Actimels from Danone Dairy

First thing going in the bag was my trusty One Water refillable for the commute in. One Water are committed to living the B Corp way and every bottle sold funds clean water projects all over the world!

Next up was my lovely On the Rocks notebook. I can’t recommend these little notebooks enough. Made purely of stone paper, On the Rocks are committed to reducing the pollution caused by the paper industry.

Also in the bag was some MuLondon moisturiser. This B Corp’s products are vegan, cruelty free, natural and organic and the one I used was White Chocolate Truffle flavoured. Needless to say my face smelt delicious all day.

Last up were some Dame organic tampons – yes these guys are also a B Corp and their products are free from chemicals, plastics & harsh additives. Better for your body & the planet.

Bag containing a notebook and pen, moisturiser, refillable water bottle and organic tampons
The B Corp Bag

8.00am: Paw-some B Corps 

My cat Margot also cares about giving back to the planet and had some breakfast courtesy of Scrumbles. Scrumbles is a new member of B Corp and produce eco-friendly, all natural dog and cat food. They give away whatever food they can to charities and cut prices for those in need. Feeding our furry friends products like these is a great way to start using ethical products in your home.

Margot the cat eating some Scrumbles cat food
Margot enjoying some Scrumbles

11.00am: Tea and Snack Time 

It was B Corp tea and snack time at One HQ, supplied by the brilliant Propercorn, Rebel Kitchen and We are Tea.

Propercorn – Chocolate Flavour 

This Propercorn flavour was my favourite. Their Fairtrade Chocolate popcorn was my B Corp snack of choice for today and proves that you don’t have to sacrifice chocolate to be ethical.

Rebel Kitchen – Iced Coffee and Chocolate 

These were delicious and a great dairy free alternative if you are trying to avoid lactose. The Iced Coffee gave me a much needed pick me up and I was happy to find out that Rebel Kitchen ensure all their products come from responsible sources and also strive to donate at least 1% of their profits to charity!

One Less Bottle Carton

It always helps to stay hydrated and if you’re looking to reduce your plastic use from water bottles, our One Less Bottle water cartons are a great way to do this. We use our profits to fund sustainable solutions and projects to combat water poverty.

Photo featuring Propercorn popcorn, Rebel Kitchen drinks, One Water and the B Corp logo
B Corp snack time at work

Tea Time – Sponsored by We Are Tea 

We love tea at One HQ and B Corp day called for some mugs of We Are Tea. These guys have a completely ethical outlook and everyone at One loved their compostable tea bags – I’d highly recommend the English Breakfast.

B Corp mug and four types of teas
We are Tea

Post Work Beers

After a long (but rewarding) day of working for a B Corp, it was time for some post-work beverages. This is one of our favourite B Corps – Toast – their beers are brewed from surplus bread from bakeries and sandwich shops. I found some willing participants to try out their range after work:

The One team cheers-ing to some Toast Ales
Cheers to B Corps!

Dinner and B Corp Beauty 

It was time to make some B Corp dinner. I decided to go for an Abel & Cole box, cooking up some Spiced Lamb and Cous Cous. Delicious, easy to make and a brand that is committed to being a force for good.

PS. Make washing up sassy and sustainable with B Corp Method, who make beautifully packaged, ethical cleaning products.

After this it was time for bed, but not before trying out the new Beauty Kitchen Seahorse Plankton range! These beautiful products are a B Corp and committed to ethical business practice (and were a great way to end my B Corp adventure).

Method soap and Beauty Kitchen face mask on sink
Method and Beauty Kitchen

B Corp Baby Timothy

Our Sales Manager Ima’s adorable nephew wanted to get involved and support those giving back to the planet by using a B Corp product. Here he is enjoying his beautiful blanket from Jojo Maman BébéJojo always strive to put people and planet above profit and make maternity and baby clothes.

Baby holding a blanket
Baby Timothy enjoying his B Corp Jojo Maman Bébé blanket

I had come to the end of my B Corp day and ultimately learnt how easy it is to purchase ethically and choose those brands that put the planet and people ahead of profit. There are over 2600 certified B Corps in 60 countries so it is very easy to start looking out for them when you are next shopping. Happy B Corp month!

Find out how your company can get B Corp certified here.

Thanks to our B Corp friends – Danone, Brew Tea, On the Rocks, MuLondon, Dame, Scrumbles, Propercorn, Rebel Kitchen, We are Tea, Toast, Method, Beauty Kitchen and Jojo Maman Bébé.