I was invited to a breakfast seminar with Natural Capital Partners (previously known as The CarbonNeutral Company) last Wednesday to find out about The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program (TIST). We’re a Carbon Neutral Company at One and I wanted to find out what this means for the business and what impact this has on the world.

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“The farmers receive annual payments for each planted tree and collect revenues as the trees grow and sequester carbon” Photo credit: TIST/Natural Capital Partners

Meeting Ben Henneke, President of the Clean air Action Corporation (CAAC), and his wife Vanessa Henneke, the “brains behind the operation”, gave me the opportunity to find out about TIST, their latest projects and the impact they are currently having on local communities in Kenya and Uganda. I soon found out that as a certified Carbon Neutral company, we have supported an inspirational reforestation project in Meru and Nanyuki, Kenya. The project enables small hold farmers to plant trees on their land – and so far over six million trees have been planted since August 2014.

I found out that between 2014 and 2015 One’s carbon footprint has reduced by nearly 12% through supporting such projects. This makes me proud to work for an organisation that is environmentally conscious and Carbon Neutral certified and I wanted to share this achievement with our supporters.