The United Nations announced 17 ‘Global Goals’ in September for the world to focus on to accelerate sustainability and development over the next 15 years. The goals aim to end the longstanding issues of extreme poverty, fight inequality & injustice and fix climate change by 2030.

I was so happy that the 6th Goal is to provide clean water and sanitation for all. The fact that 663 million people in the world still don’t have access to clean water is a shocking statistic that shouldn’t exist. The number has decreased significantly from 1 billion people 10 years ago, but with the global resources we have today it can be eradicated completely…. And I really hope this goal will ensure this. Water is life, but for everyone in the developed world it is so easy to take clean water for granted. The thought of sick people having to drink contaminated water that is only going to make them sicker is something I can’t comprehend. Sanitation is closely related to clean water so it is vital these problems are addressed holistically.


Seeing pictures like this from one of our life-changing projects in Malawi makes me proud to be a part of One Water and what we’ve always been doing for Goal 6.

Everyone needs to fully understand and input towards each Global Goal wherever possible so that they can be achieved, not just governments and NGOs. Even if you think you cannot make a difference, you can, by getting involved in a water project, donating to charities like The One Foundation or simply buying a bottle of One Water.

I am travelling to remote parts of Malawi on 5th November to help build and repair water pumps in the villages there. I look forward to writing another post to give you insight into my trip upon my return….!

Find out more information about Goal 6 of the Global Goals.