We bring emergency water, sanitation facilities and hygiene kits to those who need it most when disaster strikes. Over the last decade, we’re proud to have responded with:

  • Improving water access and sanitation facilities in refugee camps in East Africa and Bangladesh
  • Providing emergency water to assist hospitals and clinics treating patients when the Ebola epidemic spread in Sierra Leone and Liberia
  • Repairing city water systems in countries of conflict such as Yemen
  • Repairing water pipes, pumps and reservoirs that were badly damaged by Hurricane Irma in the Dominican Republic
  • Providing hygiene kits to families in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake and more recently in Guatemala
£1.5 million
invested to date
beneficiaries reached
Emergency Response

Cyclone Idai

In early 2019, 920,000 people in Malawi were affected by Cyclone Idai, which caused widespread devastation and major flooding. Water & sanitation infrastructure was been destroyed in many areas, bringing a heightened risk of waterborne diseases.

In response to this disaster, we funded emergency relief in the Nsanje district of Malawi- supporting the Bangula camp, which hosted over 5,000 people affected by the flooding. The funding included the installation of clean water points, emergency latrines, hand-washing stations and sheltered washing units.

© Philip Hatcher-Moore
People queueing for clean water after Cyclone Idai
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