Almost three in five people now have clean water and almost two thirds of the population have access to a toilet, however the remote and harder to reach areas still lack access to basic services.

Over £1.9M
invested to date
Over 36,000 people
beneficiaries reached
live below the poverty line
have basic sanitation access
Beneficiary Story


Thanks to this programme, a new tap stand in Beatrice’s community in Rwanda was installed, so villagers no longer have to walk to open water sources and collect dirty water. Beatrice says:

“Children now go to school regularly, without absenteeism and delays, like it was when they had to go and fetch water before and after school”.

Beatrice used the time she saved to learn to weave baskets and mats which she now sells to generate additional income for her family.

Woman smiling at the camera outside her house in Rwanda

Our work

In Rwanda, we are supporting a life-changing partnership between local government, communities and utility companies to deliver piped water systems into the entire districts of Rulindo, Gicumbi, Gisagara, Karongi and Kicukiro.

Our work enables families to access affordable, safe water on their doorsteps through community tap stands served by local pumping stations.

The aim of the wider programme in 2024 is to reach 260 communities, 36 schools and 4 health clinics through the provision of water supply systems, rainwater harvesting programmes, hand washing and sanitation facilities and to build the capacity of local officials to provide and ensure sustainable WASH services to residents.

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